Our desire to share with artists, companies, producers and all professions around the show that sublimate, was born of an exceptional meeting.
Laurette is generous, attentive and loving others.
It's all that she has communicated that makes this theater, a charming place, intimate and warm.
It is in every step (spectators, actors, singers, writers ...) that is found Laurette, our Laurette,
and in each of your applause found his smile.
Thank you to everyone who helps us to exist every day.

In honor Laurette, our passionate friend of theater, film and actress herself ...

laurette laurette theater in tribute fugain

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Home Events, professionals, amateurs and private.
The Laurette Theatre group studies throughout the year programming requests. To submit a show, you need to send your mailcomplete file presentation et technique to see if your event is admissible and achievable in our rooms; not to mention the desired period of representations.

For Paris:



The shows not the poster or creations are in turn selected by application and audition for a show of extract (possible reading for performances not yet assembled) or capture / video extract according to the progress in your project.

More information, click here: "To play Laurette"


Dear audience, the email addresses above only serve in any case to the reservation of seats for shows. To book click here: Space rental

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